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Terschelling Oerol Festival | General Director - CEO (3)

Amsterdam€5,751 - €6,470 per monthmanagement

Job description

The Oerol Festival is looking for an inspiring and forward-thinking

General Director/CEO (1 FTE)

We seek someone with a vision who can cover the range between ecology, society, art, and site-specific theatre and who will shape the festival of the future with us.

About our organisation

Oerol is an annual ten-day cultural festival held in June on the island of Terschelling. 

Established in 1981, Oerol has become one of Europe's largest site-specific theatre festivals. Oerol is everywhere on the island, from barns to meadows, forests to dunes. A temporary and unique society emerges on the island for ten days, allowing room for experimentation, young artists, and established groups premiering their work at Oerol. 45,000 to 50,000 visitors attend Dutch and international theatre performances, music, expeditions, talks, storytelling, and street theatre each year. You can learn more in our Ecological Compass and our Code of Conduct.

The organisation has built a strong foundation and is ready for a new phase in which art, nature, and society take centre stage. As General Director, you will play a vital role in realizing Oerol's ideals.

Job requirements

Our Ambitions

Sustaining our unique position

Oerol enjoys international recognition while also relying on local collaborations. With our strong identity rooted on the island, a close connection to the cultural sector, solid business support, and, most importantly, our substantive proposition, we see opportunities to expand the festival's significance. We will invest in our network of residents, donors, partners, and funders, forging new partnerships while creating space for experimentation and innovation.

Relationship with science and nature

Oerol is built on the pillars of the public, nature, art, and science. Our mission is to offer new perspectives that contribute to a sustainable future. The relationship between humans and nature plays a significant role, especially on the island of Terschelling, where we know the ecosystem's fragility. We aim to minimise our ecological footprint and implement sustainable practices throughout our festival process. Our programming reinforces the connection between art, science, and nature. You can read more about this in the Ecological Compass.

Everyone is welcome

We provide artists the opportunity, knowledge, and space to experiment and create new work. Oerol aims to be a festival that fosters new encounters and a place where everyone feels welcome. This requires a focus on diversity and expanding our audience reach.

About the Position

As General Director, you will work with a dedicated team to chart the course for Oerol's future. The festival has opportunities and tasks in these times of significant societal challenges. 

To broaden its reach and attract a more diverse and younger audience, Oerol must continue to play a meaningful role. As General Director, you see opportunities for renewal and innovation, translating your vision for the festival's future into a strategy and appropriate goals. You inspire and engage the team to achieve these goals and enhance Oerol's impact.

Key Responsibilities

  • With the management team consisting of the artistic director, business director, head of production, and head of communication & marketing, you will establish a strong vision aligned with Oerol's next phase.
  • You are responsible for positioning, strategy, relationship management, lobbying, and permits.
  • You oversee the management team and serve as a sparring partner for the festival's artistic direction, day-to-day operations, marketing, and production.
  • You ensure a diverse and sustainable approach in collaboration with the team.
  • You report to the Board of Supervisors.

Who are we looking for?

Do you find these challenges exciting? Do you possess a visionary outlook, societal engagement, and social sensitivity? 

Are you someone who forges new connections and is unafraid to experiment? 

Can you lead in a unifying manner, inspire colleagues, and bring out the best in teams? 

Then you are the person we are looking for!

Critical Qualities of Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Knowledge of the cultural sector is required. You have a strong intrinsic motivation and identify with our organisation's ambitions.
  • You are entrepreneurial, decisive, and results-oriented.
  • You know multiple disciplines and have experience with finance and operational management.
  • You have a keen sense of societal developments.
  • You have a clear vision of art and a strong eye for innovation.
  • You are a true team player, socially adept, and an effective communicator.
  • You have an open and optimistic personality and excellent, empathetic skills.
  • You have a unifying leadership style and can inspire and engage teams.
  • You have the intention to relocate to Terschelling.

Experience with the dynamics of a festival organisation and site-specific theatre is desired but optional. The same applies to the culture of our beautiful island. You may reside elsewhere, but we expect your active investment and interest in the Terschelling community.

What do we have to offer?

We don't just ask for your commitment; we also have something substantial to offer. 

You can make a lasting societal impact in art, science, and society.

  • You will work in a creative environment with a team growing from 25 to over 150 dedicated employees, plus more than 700 volunteers, artists, suppliers, residents, entrepreneurs, and other partners.
  • You will be the face of an international leader.
  • There is room for professional and personal development through coaching and training.
  • We provide a travel allowance for car, public transportation, and ferry crossings.
  • We are happy to assist you in finding accommodation on Terschelling

Our departing director is available for a warm handover and is eager to share personal insights about island life.

Oerol aspires to be a good employer and offers a one-year contract with the possibility of permanent employment. 

This includes a comprehensive package of secondary employment conditions.

  • A good pension plan
  • Various training opportunities
  • We aim to create a safe environment and maintain an informal work atmosphere.

Appointment and remuneration are under the guidelines outlined in our personnel handbook. While we follow the Collective Labor Agreement for Theatre and Dance, we are not a part of it. The gross salary is a maximum of 7,593 euros for a full-time position (40 hours). Furthermore, we aim to reflect society's diversity as an organisation. 

We prefer a candidate who enhances diversity within our team.

Want to learn more about our organisation? Visit

How to apply?

Are you excited about this vacancy, and do you see yourself as the ideal candidate? We invite you to apply. The headhunters and recruiters from DDJ& will oversee this process and are responsible for the initial screening. We aim for a fair evaluation and equal opportunities for everyone, so we do not ask candidates to write a cover letter. Instead, we present a few practical questions to you. A reference check may be part of the process.

Click on the application button, upload your CV, and provide your answers to the questions. The application period closes on Monday, November 6, but why wait until the last day? 

We are eager to hear your ideas and approach. If you are invited for an introduction with the selection committee, please save these dates for the first two interview rounds: Wednesday, November 29, and Wednesday, December 6 2023. We hope to schedule your first day as our new General Director shortly after that.


€5,751 - €6,470 per month